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players suspected of using steroids. >> for the first time in years, they did not elect anyone in cooperstown. >> reporter: making that remarkable. two of the year's all-time greats barry bonds and roger clemens were shut out. >> when i found out they weren't elected, i was stunned. i was stunned. >> reporter: bill rhoden is a sports columnist for "the new york times." >> i saw he's guys generational superstars. 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, these guys great. >> reporter: others call them cheaters tied to the steroid era although neither player was ever proven to use performance-enhancing drugs but the hall of fame voters had a clear message to players of that era. not only did they resoundingly reject bonds and clemens but sammy sosa too. >> these guys and women took it upon themselves to do what the court system could not do. punish them. that's complete nonsense. >> reporter: bonds and clemens fell far short of the 75% vote needed. bonds receiving 36 point 2 percent and clemens 37 point 6 percent and society sa a meager 12 point 5 percent. the job of the guy vo
of supervisors has elected david chu president for a third term. the 42-year-old was re-elected by his fellow supervisors in a unanimous vote. he will appoint members of the committee and run the full meetings. each term lasts two years. >>> the university of california has spent more than $4 million marking -- marketing online classes but so far only one student has taken a class. the university began offering 14 digital courses a year ago. unlike uc, stanford and harvard which offer online college courses for free, uc officials say the fact that their courses allow students to interact with professors and fellow students, more students will be signing up. >>> so do you think you need a break from your stressful job? the website "careercast" put together a list of the least stressful jobs. number one, university professor followed by seamstress or tailor, medical records technician at 3. if you are a jeweler, you're in luck, you're number 4. then medical lab technician. apparently not having someone look over your shoulder is kind of a big deal. >> i think
that he should acknowledge in his staff selections that he won re-election with the votes of women and minorities. other critics have pointed out that these all white male selections at the important departments of state, defense,s and treasury suggest a lack of diverse viewpoints in the second term. and yet another criticism is that these posts, which are in the news almost daily, send ais bad signal about what is possible for anyone who is not already in the white male club. the president won re-election, in part, by relentlesslyhe pressing mitt romney and republicans on every aspect of gender and race issues. he's now getting to experience what that's like. >> pelley: john, the president did prefer susan rice as an appointment for... as the appointee for secretary of state to replace hillary clinton, butans the republicans didn't allow him to go forward with that. >> reporter: well, that's right.it and white house aides point right to that. susan rice was on the short list to be secretary of state until she withdrew her name from nomination. and immediately, aides said, that pu
to win 62-47. >>> for the first time since 1996, nobody was elected to the baseball hall of fame. can you say steroids? bonds didn't come close to be voted in. just 36% say bonds belongs in the hall, far short of the 75% required. >> barry bonds won three mvp's when he was still skinny. that's good enough for me. >> i chose not to vote for barry bonds. they do not want players from the steroid era in the hall of fame. >> the baseball hall of fame, walk through there and count the cheaters, the guys who lie, the racists. it's not the hall of character. >>> people's voice is that barry deserves it. everybody was on steroids. >>> time for the top five. no. 5, the slam. raptors beat the 76ers. ooh, that's pretty. no. 4, how about reed? wanna see a one-handed statement? there it is. no. 3, it's getting really bad for the lakers. kobe bryant, this to tie the game? no. this to tie the game. no. 2, anthony marshall falls into the stands. a fan shoves him. the refs control the situation. new mexico beat them. no. 1, san diego state-fresno state, d
. the nation remains deeply divided. the president won re-election nor did congress thanks to the power of incumbents to raise money and gerrymander districts. most of the old crowd has returned to a gallop poll that gives them a 14% approval rating. at one point during the iraq war, george bush's people unfullerred the banner saying the mission accomplished a declaration proved famously premature. i think we have learned since then not to jump to conclusions and i guess that's progress. but being a romantic come inaugural day i'll feel the old excitement again. yet what i've seen lately i have to say in all honesty not just yet. some stations are leaving us now but for most of us, we'll be right back with more from general mcchrystal and a lot more. stay with us. ♪ using cloud computing and mobile technology, verizon innovators have developed a projective display for firefighters. allowing them to see through anything. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. >> schieffer: welcome back to face the nation. we're here and we want
francisco board of supervisors has elected david chu president for a third term. the 42-year-old chu was re- elected in a unanimous vote. his duties include appointing chairs and members of board committees and running the full board's regular meetings. each term is two years. >>> on the bay area watch this morning, one of the suspects in the murder of a south bay millionaire is expected back in court this afternoon. three men are charged with killing ravi kumra in his monte sereno mansion in september. they could get the death penalty if convicted. >>> training sessions are scheduled today for volunteers taking part in a count of san mateo county's homeless pop laying. the sessions will be held in belmont and redwood city counting the homeless population. >>> vice president joe biden is talking about ways to curb gun violence meeting with victim groups and gun safety organizations today to discuss gun control policy plans in the wake of the newtown school shooting. tomorrow biden will meet with the national rifle association and other gun owner gro
who elected us that we can't just do it the same old way because that's not going to work anymore. >> no. everybody is over it. the approval rating of congress is really dismal. >> why would you want to join a group that is -- what was it? they are lower cockroaches in the polling? >> i didn't know it was that high. >> but it is, i mean, your assistant da, city council person, you had a good life going. this is going to have you back in washington monday to friday and then hopping the red eye back to the east bay and then turning around and hopping back, nonstop and then getting reelected every two years. it's not exactly a great job. >> well, this is an area i know well, i grew up here and i want nothing but the best for the people who i grew up with. my father was a police officer and served locally and so that sense of service and going into the lion's den which i understand, it's a lion's den but i think an avalanche takes a snowball and i can go back there, find people on the other side of the aisle and work to grow our economy, reduce ou
'll turn to congress to fight against the agenda. >> we said before the election if barack obama was reelected that he was going to go after our second amendment rights. the newtown tragedy gave him an opportunity to do that. >> reporter: one of the proposals made is for armed guards at every school and the administration is considering a version of that, one of the ideas on the table is to make federal funds available to schools that want to hire police or install surveillance equipment. biden has promised to send his recommendation to the president by next tuesday. norah, charlie? >> we'll be watching. bill plante, thank you. >>> a 16-year-old student in taft california planned a shotgun attack on his high school classmates the shooter critically wounded one student yesterday. the suspect eventually surrendered. witnesses say he had been harassed at school even bullied and as carter evans reports, a teacher is getting credit for preventing a potential disaster. >> reporter: when students at taft high school were finally released from the campus lockdown
can say is she better write fast. [laugh track laughter] - ever since you were elected to the safety patrol, you've been driving us crazy. danny and monk: you're like a mad dictator. - no, i'm not. - yes, you are. - let me guess, you never miss a rerun. - yes, you are. - reruns? [blows whistle] - are you telling me you know ever line of dialogue but you haven't seen an episode in 35 years? - not crazy, just a fan. - i'm proud of you for wanting to keep people safe, honey, but here at home, that's my job. you don't want to put me out of work, do you? - i never thought of it like that. i guess danny was right. i let all that power go to my head. i'm sorry, dad. i let you down. [audience awws] [rock music plays] - danny's playing that music again. better go have a talk with him. mr. cooper and monk: can i borrow your sash? - sure, dad. [audience awws] - he was such a great dad. what was he like, you know, in real life? was he nice? - you haven't read my book, have you? - no, not yet. i can't wait. oh, listen, let's watch the babysitter episode. could we please? i love the part where you
and it wean just bonds. for the first time since 1996, not one player was elected to the baseball hall of fame. bonds, roger clemens and sammy sosa were among players on the ballot who have been linke to steroid use. more from dennis o'donnell at 6:00. >>> disgraced lance armstrong will talk about the doping scandal for the first time in an interview with oprah winfrey. it's his first interview since being stripped of 7 tour de france titles in response to the doping allegations. in described as a no-holds- barred interview. she can ask whatever she wanted. it's expected to air a week from tomorrow on the oprah win free network. >>> we'll be right back. we'll be right back. >>> kids are excited about the possibility of snow. is it going to get that cold? >> it is definitely getting that cold beginning with today. but the coldest overnight lows will be on thursday night and on friday night. good evening, everybody. let's go ahead and go outside. it's our live cbs 5 weather camera looking towards san jose where currently the temperature is at 50 deg
.5%. the writers did not elect anyone this year, the first time that's happened in 17 years. the legendary players that you're about to hear did make it to the hall of fame, and now they are headed to the library of congress. we'll give you a listen, next. next. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®. if you have high blood pressure and get a cold get coricidin hbp. the number one pharmacist recommended cold brand designed for people with high blood pressure. and the only one i use to relieve my cold symptoms without raising my blood pressure. coricidin hbp. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004. the battle of bataan 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve
of the state fish & game commission >>> for the first time since 1996, nobody was elected to baseball's hall of fame yesterday. the big reason of course is steroids. former san francisco giants slugger barry bonds did not come close to being voted in on the first ballot, only 36% of the baseball writers who voted saying that bonds belongs in the hall of fame. that's far short of the 75% required. roger clemens, sammy sosa, also denied. i think clemens got 37%, sosa only got 12%. >> it's such a polarizing issue, something we debated yesterday in the newsroom, something that everyone i think is talking about. >> everyone was talking about it yesterday! and i think with time, these guys probably will get in. but -- >> we'll see. >> -- it's going to take time. >> we'll see. 4:46. let's check the weather. >>> liz is in for lawrence today and quite the forecast. >> we have a little bit of everything going on today so we're working out our hi-def doppler. snow level dropped to 2,000 feet or lower. we could even see a dusting in some of the higher ele
to be filled without delay. >>> the san francisco board of supervisors has elected david chu president for a third term. the 42-year-old chu was reelected by his fellow supervisors in a unanimous vote. he appoints chairs, members of board committees and running the full board's regular meetings. each term is two years. >>> new at 6:00, the white house's top drug cop is no fan of san francisco's pot policies but cbs reporter jennifer mistrot says that didn't stop him from showing up at a courthouse to find out how the city deals with those who break the drug laws. >> reporter: president obama's drug czar was in town today on a learning mission. >> he is very interested in alternatives to incarceration and he says that president obama is just as interested too. >> reporter: the director of the national drug control policy is here to see how an alternative court handles its drug cases. the community justice center is an offshoot of the san francisco superior court. 50% of defendants appear before this court on drug-related charges. >> these were peopl
of his era. >> for the fir time since 1996, for the first time, nobody was elected to the hall of fame steroids linked or not. craig biggio had the highest percentage of votes but 68% doesn't cut it. mike piazza received 57%. curt schilling got 38. >>> it was less than a year ago that the kings future in sacramento seemed secure after a deal for a new downtown arena became a reality. >> it's been a long time, 13 years as you know. [ crying ] >> give me a minute. >> oh, stop. it looks like checkmate for the kings in sacramento. the maloof family backed out despite all the tears. sacramento has no more options left. the yahoo sports reporting that the family is in the final phase of signing a $500 million deal with the seattle-based ownership group that would move the team to the northwest. according to the reports, the team would move after the current season is over and become the seattle supersonics. sacramento mayor kevin johnson says it's not over but seattle's mayor sounded giddy at a news conference. >> i know as much of you do about t
. and their decision will come at 11 a.m. there is a chance no one will be elected this year so we'll have to see. >>> well, an olympic star who will compete for cal next season returned to competitive swimming for the first time since winning a number of gold medals in london. by the way, this was her high school team. >> i'm so nervous. i have no idea -- i was literally like intensely shaking in the locker room and all my teammates are like, what's wrong with you? >> no kidding. you're world class in high school! that's missy franklin. she won both her races in colorado yesterday. the 17-year-old snagged four gold medals in the 2012 olympics and she will be a golden bear in the fall. colorado gal. >> can you imagine at that meet, her opponents? >> they are like, are you kidding me? why are you nervous? >> no kidding. >> a star. >>> the stanford women, they haven't lost a pac-12 game since 2009 when cal beat them. >> yeah. 80 games later the 12-0 bears seem primed to do it again. they are good this year and lindsey gottlieb's cal team off to the best star
. >> you've got a re-election coming up. >> yes, sir. >> did you scare the mayor of new jersey cory booker out of the race? >> no. >> he's looking to the senate not the governor's race 73% popularity coming out of all of the things following sandy. >> no listen i think cory made the decision that he could best serve the people of this state in new jersey running for the united states senate. that was his call and his choice. he's a friend. >> do you agree with him? >> do i agree with him, you know what the other candidates? cory's been a friend and we've worked well together all the time. my daughter follows cory on twitter and said to me you need to tell mr. booker if he runs against you i'm unfollowing so i'm glad sarah doesn't have to unfollow cory on twitter. i'm glad she doesn't have to do that. >> glmpbovernor christie thank you. >>> breaking news out of new york city this morning, a ferry accident near wall street injured 30 to 50 people. emergency crews are treating some of the victims on the dock at south street seaport in lower manhattan. one of our ow
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